Born in London, raised in New York, Leon has an artistic spirit that has expressed itself in many different ways throughout the years. The path began early as he illustrated his own comic books as a child and studiedillustration in High School. In 2003, after a long creative break, Leon discovered the camera as a medium through which he could channel his
creativity. Since then, photography has permeated every aspect of his life. Leon's photographs capture raw emotion from his subjects - a momentand its mood. His work ranges from location and studio portrait and fashion shoots to live music performances and events. Leon moved back to London in late 2004 and his work work has been published in The Independent as well as on various music and culture websitesHe hasalsocompleted work for musicians: Mz Fontaine, Shonanis, ddubble, Lemoy, PPF, Laconic Sydz, Sounds Superior, IMS. Clients also include charity Pants to Poverty and clothing lines Swagga Muffin (Roll Deep) anKatrina Browne London.  Click below for Leon's latest project, the amazing