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When I moved to NYC from London unexpectedly in January 2012 there was no clear next-step in my photography journey. Back in NYC after 7 years abroad, I had to restart my business in a different country while managing a family crisis. Moments of pause and planning I had previously enjoyed felt like a distant past.  

Five years later I have travelled all around New York, New Jersey and Connecticut meeting incredible people from all walks of life and steadily growing an Architectural, Interior and Real Estate Photography business. The upheaval and craziness of re-settling, making new contacts, establishing trust and building a client base has calmed and I am fortunate to enjoy relationships with great clients who have been with me for the duration.

During the process of establishing the business in the US I have also witnessed the property industry in the New York Metropolitan area change at lighting speed with an increased appreciation for strong visual communication. As a result old and brand new architecture are benefiting from excellent photography and marketing (a visual treat for photographers) and the future looks bright for the adoption of innovative visual marketing technologies.

These prove to be exciting times. In order to ensure my business is ready, my new website not only displays my most current work, it reflects my vision as an artist and image marketing specialist in the Architecture, Interior Design and Real Estate photography industries. The portfolio is fully integrated with Facebook, Google+,Twitter and Pinterest so users can share images with team members or family and friends when brainstorming on creative ideas. There are also links to my Houzz profile where we can collaborate on upcoming projects or share concepts and ideas. Finally, creating an account on the site is simple and ensures that users are connected to new blog posts, projects and relevant news.

So far 2017 is proving to be exciting with new initiatives and opportunities on the horizon. I look forward to continuing my embrace of new technologies while honing in on client requirements and individual aesthetics - all while adding new relevant offerings that further guarantee exemplary customer service and delivery of effective imagery.

Follow my Instagram and Facebook and Twitter feeds for regular updates of new images, discussions and news. In the meantime, feel free to leave comments below, I would love to hear from you with any ideas or feedback.

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