The Day After

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I was a bit conflicted over whether or not I should publish this photograph. I made this photograph several years ago during one of the most difficult times for my family. My younger cousin had just passed away from cancer. She was the second to succumb to cancer before the age of 30 among her 5 sisters. In the shot are one of her surviving sisters, mother and niece a day after the funeral. Further in the background are two uncles.


As often happens, I forget about photos taken years ago and discovered this while cleaning up an old folder on an old hard drive. I understand why I would not have published it back then as it is deeply personal and the pain was so very raw. 


Time has now passed which somewhat dulls the pain. But I also now believe that it is an artist’s responsibility to share his/her work with the world - for there may be a connection a stranger makes with the work that proves to be therapeutic in some sense.


When I viewed it I felt a rush of emotion - deeply connected to the family. However, as objective as I can be, I do believe that a story is held deep within the shot that the viewer can appreciate and maybe that connection can be made.


Please feel free to share your thoughts or any comments.


Never Forget to Remember

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I went to bed a couple of nights ago thinking how tired I was and how I didn't want to get up early the next morning to get to a shoot. Felt a bit worn down. 

Misery and a kind of down feeling came over me. A feeling that sometimes tries to find space in my life even when things are going pretty ok. 

Turns out that day's work put me right near the 9/11 memorial. 

I needed this reminder. A re-grounding and recalibration of sorts. 

Never forget. 

Seeking Symmetry

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Keeping life in perfect balance. This can be pulled off well in rare instances and not so admirably most other times. Health, career, personal achievement, family, friends - it can all seem impossible to keep in perfect harmony. Something always seems to suffer and trade-offs seem to be the rule rather than the exception. 
For some reason I still suffer from a desire or strange belief that things should be straightforward. That the balance should be the norm. Step 1, then 2 then result. But even the larger successes we all witness have come after a long, windy and often extraordinarily difficult journey. You think I would have learned by now. 
I've found myself gravitating toward the use of symmetry as a compositional element more often recently. Not sure why, perhaps its a manifestation of recent conscious / unconscious influences I have been taking in as this journey of photography ceaselessly surprises me. 
However, shooting symmetrical compositions may be also be mirroring my effort of striving for balance in life. 
But as perfect imperfections go, I am totally aware that this shot is not totally symmetrical. I can live with that though - for that is life. 

Time Allocation

May 20, 2014  •  2 Comments


Often you can be moving from one space to another caught up in your own thoughts and preoccupied with your own matters and are not particularly receptive to someone stopping you on the street for a conversation. I think that's one of the most remarkable things about NY - that small town chat amongst this behemoth iron and glass metropolis. 

So when Carl stopped me outside a subway station to ask if I was a photographer I expected the usual kind of questions - what kind of work do you do? What kind of camera do you use? And the contemporary favorite, do you shoot video? 

But Carl actually had a pretty interesting story himself. We talked for about 15 minutes about his work with his nephew and the short film they were producing around the sport of boxing. Turns out Carl was a former Golden Glove champ and was featured on the cover and inside the pages of the wonderful The Times Square Gym by photographer Jon Goodman (autographed copy being held by Carl above). Carl then told me about the exhibition on the West Side of Manhattan and the many galleries tucked away in Chelsea. 

I went to the exhibition a few weeks later and was blown away. 

Thanks Carl. 





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Change is good. I suppose we have to believe that because things change whether we like it or not.


Truth is, I need change. When things are going one way for too long I get antsy, unsettled, tense and feel a strong need to implement change in my life as soon as possible. Alas, I present my new website.



This is by far the best iteration of my site to date. I kind of sound like an Apple ad - ‘The best smartphone ever” time and time again. It is true, you keep making things better so it stands to reason that the most recent attempt would be the best. 


I hope you enjoy the new PORTFOLIO section which display the images in a nice large format and allows for easy navigating and sharing.


One major addition is the PERSONAL section of the site which highlights projects I have completed and are ongoing.





Inside New York is a portrait project of New Yorkers inside their homes over a two year period. In a city where you can be yourself and no one bats an eye, the home is the one place people choose to let their expression fly.


Enjoy the collection and feel free to share images or the entire gallery via the Facebook, Google+ Twitter and Pinterest share buttons.







En Route is an ongoing project which is a collection of images made while traveling from one location to another in New York City. I observe shapes, angles, colour, compositions and people in some of the least noticeable areas, perspectives and circumstances. Most of the images were taken on an iPhone and edited using iPhone photography apps. As above all of the images are easily shared via Social Media buttons.





AVART Collective


My work as part of AVART Collective is still going strong intercontinental stylee. We continue to deliver groundbreaking art experiences that transcend traditional medium and evoke intense emotion allowing the viewer to experience art…differently. A brand new project is minutes away from completion - stay tuned!



Finally, I am on Instagram (@leoncatophotographer) and am blogging regularly,  Feel free to follow, subscribe, leave comments…basically get involved. 2014 has been an exciting and busy year and more exciting projects are one the way.





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