Leon Cato PhotographyI am so grateful to have helped construction firms, interior designers, realtors and commercial businesses display their work and win business for the last 12 years.



Leon CatoLeon Cato

My photography journey began in 2003 when my uncle gave me a Minolta SRT-1 fully manual film camera so I could explore a new hobby.

Although I had just completed an MBA in NYC and was pursuing a career in corporate marketing, photography immediately began to swallow me whole and my personal passion soon became my profession.

In 2010, while living and working in London, I was hired to photograph multi-million pound properties for a broker. 

I used this opportunity to bring as much artistry to each image as possible. In the same way that every person has their own story, each space has its own personality,  and I was able to effectively capture and convey this by combining my technical skills with the use of natural light.

On my return to NYC in 2012, my portfolio continued to expand with contracts for Airbnb, real estate agents and building management companies. 

To date, I have photographed thousands of properties and have been instrumental in assisting property developers, luxury renovation companies, interior designers, construction firms, real estate professionals, commercial businesses, and private sellers achieve their sales targets and marketing goals.

The fourteen years of professional experience I gained in client-facing marketing roles prior to becoming a photographer have been invaluable in helping me identify each clients needs and enabling me to deliver effectively to them. 

I believe that each space has its own flow and energy extending far beyond bricks and mortar, becoming a birth place for design and human connection. 

I look forward to working with you on your project and helping you realize your vision.

Contact me at - 914 414 7579 - [email protected]

Ps. I also create visual art documentary projects through undercatproductions.com.