Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

My rate schedule can be found here. You can also book your session directly from this page!

I am not sure which package I need. How can I figure this out?

Packages are based on analysis of over 2,500 shoots and the average number of images delivered for each type of requirement. As a base, it is safe to expect at least 2 photographs per room. Additional images per package are charged at $25 per images. If unsure it is always safest to go up to the next package.

What should I do to prepare for my photoshoot?

This is the most important step of the entire process. It is best to over estimate the amount of time it will take to prepare for the shoot as we all tend to have more stuff than we can imagine! For a 1 family home up to 3 bedrooms, two full prep days are recommended. For bigger spaces add at least another full day to be sure! A list of guidelines can be found here. The more prepared the space, the smoother the shoot. There is a $40 charge for each additional hour (extra time is charged as full hours).

How long does it take to get my pictures?

Raw (unprocessed) images are uploaded by the end of the following day of the shoot for your review. Once you have made your image selection the final processed photographs are delivered within two days. Raw (unprocessed) images are not available as part of any package.

Can I use the photos anywhere? 

You are granted exclusive use of the photos and can post on your website as well as real estate websites. Photographers retain copyright to their work, the full terms and conditions can be found here

Are the photos high res?

All images are delivered in 4200 x 2800 pixels at 150dpi which is suitable for web and some print. If you require 300 dpi please let me know in the notes when booking your shoot.

Can I keep the raw (unprocessed) photographs from the shoot?

Raw or unprocessed images are not available as part of any package. Each additional processed photograph is charged at $25 per images. 

What if our shoot goes over the time for the package I have chosen?

Shoot durations are structured to allow for time to photograph your space and does not include setup or preparation (removal of furniture, staging etc). All preparation and staging should be completed before the scheduled appointment time so we can focus your time and money on getting the best images possible. See preparation guidelines here. In some instances more time may be required - the cost per additional hour is $40 (hours are charged in full, i.e. 15 minutes over counts as a full hour). I will let you know ahead of time if I think we may run over and we can either focus our remaining time on key images or agree to an extension.